16th June 2019 by emmadurnford

16th June 2019

What a brilliantly lazy last day on the island of Korçula. As it was Fathers’ Day I got up first and prepared breakfast and put out Colin’s card from Sydney hamster along with the presents I picked up yesterday - orange flower honey and candied peel. After breakfast we didn’t shower but got ready to go for our first snorkel of the trip. We walked around the bay until we found a flat rocky place where we could easily get in and out. We snorkelled for nearly an hour which was really tiring. I saw at least 10-15 varieties of fish, lots of sea cucumbers, spiny sea urchins and crabs. There were a couple of more colourful fish - wrasse I think and a small flat fish. I practiced my diving to collect shells which has greatly improved since I was given advice whilst snorkelling in Australia.

We wandered back towards the apartment and had a second much warmer swim in our usual sandy bay right outside of our apartment before heading back for a shower. A brief rest and then a walk right around the peninsula where there were even more places to snorkel and swim - a lovely area. It was very hot so we had to have ice cream and milks shakes on the way back.

We did a little packing in the evening although we only have to be at the ferry twenty minutes or so before departure tomorrow at 11.00am so we did not rush to get it all finished. Our final meal on Korçula was back at our favourite restaurant - Gavuni - around the bay. It is a perfect twenty minute walk there and back - enough to build up an appetite going and to work off a meal returning. This is the walkway as we reach the restaurant.

We shared traditional starters and after so much fish I went for a steak. I wasn’t expecting too much but in the event after my visual demonstration of exactly how rare I like my steak, it was one of the best steaks I have eaten. A good 12oz’s at least , thick - almost like a fillet and a superb flavour and very tender. During the meal we fed the fish who rapidly gathered for their game of fish football and we also saw a very strange thing - black, about a foot long and gently propelling itself through the water - I have Googled and the closest I can find is either a black squid or cuttlefish.

We were so full we could not manage a dessert but were offered house liqueurs - oh dear, fig and carob liqueurs - interesting! Luckily the twenty minute walk helped the food go down. A lovely end to our time on the island of Korçula.

Footsteps - 8,887 (but all the snorkelling must take use way over 10,000!)
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