21st October 2019 by emmadurnford

21st October 2019

This morning I made the tickets, printed the food list and created a members list ready to sell tickets this Thursday.

We are both feeling like we are fighting off colds so we did not head up to town very early this afternoon. We dropped a book back t the Westminster library in Victoria and then walked to the Nandos we normally visit before the big event of the day. Unfortunately the chips failed the temperature test as did the corn on the cob and so had to be sent back but they were soon replaced with enough for three people as an apology!

Then back onto the tube to head for the event of the week - Colin’s Christmas present from me a mere ten months after I gave it to him - tickets to Cher’s Final Tour (again) at the O2 centre. We arrived in good time and I had hoped to get Colin a programme but at £25 a piece we mutually decided that was a ridiculous sum of money - crisps were £5 a packet as well.

Our seats whilst definitely not the cheap ones, were technically fairly close to the stage but were very high up so I did suffer vertigo a bit whilst nipping to the rest rooms. The support was Paul Young and he has not worn well since my youth. Rather rough and very eighties. However Cher was excellent although her amazing costumes took so long to change into, I think we missed out on more songs. Also she sang at least 3-4 Abba numbers. I love Abba but these are basically covers and I could have done with more of her own songs. However it was a good show and the special effects and stage lights were amazing. I thought the show ended a little abruptly but I am assured by someone on Twitter that Cher is fine and this is how she normally finishes. We were very glad that we had taken our binoculars as we had a good view.

The trip home was rather slow as we were put under crowd control to get back onto the Jubilee line but after that our journey went smoothly for once and we were home by 12.30am. A good night but I think this should probably be Cher’s last final, final tour!
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