11th December 2019 by emmadurnford

11th December 2019

A temporary truce today as we had been invited to the Kew Gardens Christmas lights by friends Emmeline and Paul as she had complimentary tickets for working as a volunteer in the RHS laboratory. We felt very honoured and I was quite excited having been just once before a couple of years ago. We caught the R68 bus all the way to the bottom of the road where they live and made such good time that I was able to walk a little further to check up on where I need to collect to keys for St Lukes from tomorrow evening when it’s our photo club Christmas bash.

We were able to enter through the staff entrance which was good as we walked straight past a long queue! We didn’t realise it until the end but we actually spent two and a half hours there. This year it really was spectacular, Emmeline and I agreed that we’d stick to our phone camera and in the event this was good as we could actually concentrate on the displays, some of which were interactive. My favourite was probably the music and light installation hanging from the tree top walk - spectacular.

We broke our tour with mulled cider and chips ordered by Colin and at the ned with hot chocolate and rather good mince pies. This is a lovely event and I think we both felt a little Christmassy and the atmosphere had defrosted a little…!

More images from the evening - https://www.facebook.com/pg/EmmaDurnfordPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2790098977709432&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDB_G4Ln6X7v0pYsMee5R4Fl4i_Sg6nX4DbFTcN3O8m1QCa-JiKDjl5PPcLI7MliEdmQETb55dPVAvG4bkARHAkNBVsK7ncyUU9RSO0rbU48nO4pD7NLeIrZVmp4wuQe-tUdcFMRPO0zzF7NR3M3SQ5pdfgmUJ1e7U_3gdhtpTgS8kamSB-VFVG9qt2x7MxRgLXf7ujW0zWwmzTgp_1ApeqOcU60fmENYpaE-jsTuCtMm4ScluMqy-SbRx6uWqhi-P3xlXGBqH9aXMpoP7Ll9RrRc8MGD8SD-E6erJWNN7zCtvUYos8Ox70QxvVuZ5hDs_aHaaNlOytbL0PiSlJcUEruZNSlqmWl_d7Bt1wiAeJCO6Dakc--GxrJPKi411egza5mGdbjxBiqLl2PcoNDN46Wb3Y8ZZ-O6mzVoW1-GO47DBNN_gbO66qBZynbxv4K5sXEk8oS46uefWGeBH6&__tn__=-UC-R

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December 18th, 2019  
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