17th January 2020 by emmadurnford

17th January 2020

I was ‘house keeping’ today as I started my card stock take of Christmas cards. It took some time as I had to split cards into bar-coded and non bar-coded cards and also count the flat stock. At long last I can put all the cards away and the spare room is gradually reappearing! I also put the Twickenham spinner away but not before I got ALL the spinners out of the loft and photographed them as I need to sell two of them to make more space.

Later in the afternoon I dropped Colin over to Twickenham for a meeting after doing the fastest sewing repair in history as his jacket button pinged off!

A quick clean around on my return as Chris is coming over this evening so we can eat together when Colin is galavanting and we will all do the Park Run tomorrow. This is Branston who has also come to stay!

Positive: Christmas cards are all counted and away, the house is getting sorted!

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