7th February 2020 by emmadurnford

7th February 2020

Hooray today is my birthday - 21 again ha! ha! Well nearer 52 actually but never mind.

I discovered why Colin’s suitcase was so heavy at check-in as apparently he had collected up all the cards and presents sent by friends and family for me to open on my birthday. I got some great presents including filters for my camera, earrings, vouchers, books and chocolates. Colin also popped out to the local bakery for some freshly baked croissants for our breakfast. After a leisurely time and sending a number of text messages to friends and family we headed out to explore Malaga, the cathedral and the famous food market. In the event we decided not to go into the cathedral but just admire the architecture from the outside. Our first stop was a little cafe called Casa Arande. I had read about this cafe before we left and it is one of the most famous in the city for the Spanish delicacy of churros and hot chocolate. From past experience I know that the chocolate is very sweet and so I only ordered a small cup to go with four churros which were also much bigger than I expected. As Colin decided he only needed to try a little bit, I was feeling slightly queasy by the time I had finished.

We continued walking through the city to the West towards the old market walking via the well-known shopping street and admiring some pretty impressive lights that appeared to have been left over from Christmas. When we got to the market it was just as impressive and slightly depressing as usual. The reason we find it slightly depressing is the fact that there is never anything as good in the UK - the fruit and vegetables are all colourful, fresh and piled high. The meat stalls and fish stalls were mixed together and small cafes are dotted around the market where you can just stand and try incredibly fresh food and tapas. Unfortunately following our croissant breakfast then hot chocolate and churros we were not hungry at all so after taking some photographs we headed out to sit in the sunshine amongst the palms and trees opposite the harbour.

Walking back via our favourite little tapas bar in the old quarter it would have been rude not to have a bite to eat as our rest had worked up a bit of an appetite. We then strolled back a slightly longer route so that I could have a look at the other side of where we are staying. It was really quiet as I think everyone was enjoying siesta time. I had time for some night photography with tripod in the comfort of our apartment - todays photography the cathedral in Malaga.

Later in the evening we smartened up and headed for my selected steak restaurant - El Farolita - in the old quarter of the city. Our table was ready and the house wine good. after a slight hiccup with the starter the main event arrived and it was excellent. A great steak, generous size and perfectly cooked blue yet still hot throughout. The meal was great and as usual I vowed not to have a steak in the UK unless I am absolutely sure about the quality and ability to cook it to my liking! A good way to round off my birthday.

Positive - a lovely birthday (ignoring the years)

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