30th March 2020 by emmadurnford

30th March 2020

Day 7 of lock down and the first week over.

It was a lot colder and raining on and off today so at least that will discourage people going out so much. I caught up with this project some more in the morning. Colin finally managed to get through to BT after calling, emailing and writing but with no reply. After nearly half an hour waiting he got through and unbelievably managed to not only renew the contract but reduce it by a further seven pounds - result.

In the afternoon we finally got around to starting to install the new ‘Cat 7’ cable Colin has got that should hopefully finally resolve the Wi-fi issues we’ve been having with the television and Skybox. I’ve been rather dreading this job and it proved quite tricky as it involved some big scale drilling of both wood inside and the outside external wall. It got rather stressful but we think we’ve got the most difficult bit done. Tomorrow we’ve got to shift the filing cabinet and un-fill a hole we made a number of years ago!

This evening I excelled myself with a chicken dish comprising of chicken thighs, bacon, onions and garlic with a sauce made from stock, cream and a very good bottle of Cornish cider I found in the cupboard. We were forced to finish off the cider with our dinner.

No outside exercise for us today. The country looks pretty deserted on the news as most people (apart from a few idiots) are observing the lock down. Amazingly a new hospital with 4,000 beds has been built in the Excel centre in just a couple of weeks. This is very impressive but also worrying as the number of people very ill and dying is rising.

A total of 1,408 dead in the UK (up 180).
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