25th June 2020 by emmadurnford

25th June 2020

Day 93 of lock down.

A very exciting day today as we went shopping. Well, not quite that exciting but we did get up early to head over to Home Base to buy some more paint for the front bedroom which is my next decorating project. They did not have great supplies but at least they were not too busy. I realised that I could not actually get the soft white I wanted in a wood paint and so settled for a brilliant white satin finish for the wood and cupboard borders.

Then it was over to the Dulux Professional mixing centre where they mixed my a small pot of emulsion of the colour I want to paint the cupboard doors. Although I need wood paint, it will give me an idea of how it looks and it is refundable against the paint when I buy it. It was a real novelty to be inside somewhere other than a food shop for the first time in over here months.

On the way back we stopped at Squires garden centre. This has been packed with people ever since it opened a couple of weeks ago. However it is so hot today - 33 degrees (hottest day of the year) - that this has deterred people from visiting and it was easy to park and to get in. I had not meant to do a card count but as it was quiet I ended up doing one and after looking in the drawers beneath I realise that my cards have mostly sold out. I had a quick chat with Vicky and will be contacting Squires to try and make a delivery which I realise will be the first for probably nearly a year as they have been so disorganised.

When we got home I was surprised to see the montage print I ordered only yesterday had arrived in a roll. I was quite nervous at opening it but I am really pleased with the final printed image. The software has reduced a great resolution and the colours are spot on despite using black and white and colour. Based on this success, I can start to order the photo month and cellos so I can put them on sale. This afternoon I ordered 24 mounts and backs and 25 cellos from Northern Ireland - a company that I have used before.

A rather rushed meal of Gammon and chips (delivered earlier by Iceland (about 4 hours earlier than I had booked but luckily we were in!).

The main event of the day on what should have been the photo club Summer Awards Ceremony at Fulwell golf club. We had a virtual awards ceremony which worked really well. We had all dressed up and even had hats. Most of us also had drinks and snacks on the go. I am pleased to say that I managed to drink an entire bottle of Prosecco (minus half a glass that Colin had). It was a great evening and lovely to see everyone although I was rather disappointed that only 35-42 people were logged in at any one time. Todays image is myself and friends celebrating this evening (I'm second in from the left on the top row).

43,230 PHE total dead in the UK (up 149)
June 28th, 2020  
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