24th October 2020 by emmadurnford

24th October 2020

Day 213 of semi lock down.

It was grey all day today which only got worse. Our friends contacted us to see if we would like to sit out in our garden with a bottle of Prosecco to which the answer was basically no because of the weather. However in the meantime Chris contacted us to see if we wanted to meet up for a dog walk. We realised that we could not have dinner at ours as we are in Tier 2 - nobody inside the house apart from those who live there - so we headed over to Chertsey.

All started well on the walk and it was one to get fresh air as we had ducked out of our morning too to needed the exercise! However, I had not checked the weather and as we walked it started to drizzle, got heavier until it was torrential horizontal driving rain. Not good weather fro jeans and a thin fleece.

We headed back and still achieved over 10,000 footsteps although it took us a while to dry out when at home in the warm. We finished up with a really good Thai meal form Chris’s local take-away which was a good end to the day… except it was not quite the end of the day!

We got hime at about 10.00pm and decided to watch a new series on TV that Chris had recommenced. As I stopped the program to explain the plot I glanced up towards the fireplace and saw the biggest spider I have ever seen outside of Malaysia! I have never had a problem with spiders and always carefully catch them in glasses and release them in the garden up until now. It was black and hairy and on close inspection had green fangs. I was actually rather intimidated and it took me some time to get the nerve to go for it as I wondered if it could jump. It moved fast but I caught it. I was worried in case it had crept in with a large bunch of bananas I had bought yesterday but on Goggling, I made an identification of an adult female Segestria florentina (a.k.a. green-fanged tube web spider). It really was big and apparently can give a painful bite. I managed to secure it in a glass and it will have to wait until tomorrow morning as it is far too wet to release it tonight. I just hope it is still in the glass tomorrow as it looks strong enough to lift it up!
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