In Camera Multiple Exposure by farmreporter

In Camera Multiple Exposure

April @aecasey issued me an in-camera multiple exposure for my get-pushed the previous week (get-pushed-367) but I am just getting around to doing it now.
It’s a good thing she said in-camera since I don’t have the skills to do it with post processing! And, since I have never done one in camera either, April was kind enough to send some instructions.
I did manage to get one that I am relatively happy with – and have the remnants of a bunch that were complete garbage! But it was fun, and I will definitely do this again.
This is basically SOOC except that I turned it B&W because the green corn I used turned ugly as a filler.
I also have a ton of questions that will have to get answered before I try this again … like, can I take a bunch of photos for the base photo and then put the second photo on the whole bunch of them later of does the procedure have to be consecutive?
More research is necessary!!
Thanks, April for this challenge. It was a lot of fun and I never thought I could ever do a shot like this. Sorry it is so late but better late than never!
Here's my response to your challenge finally, April @aecasey!
it was a lot of fun! And - I am rather amazed at what my camera can do ... this opens a whole new world!
August 18th, 2019  
I love this Wendy - the in camera multiple exposure does take some learning to get what you want or like - you have done really well with this one!
August 18th, 2019  
brilliant, you did it very well.
August 18th, 2019  
I've always wanted to do one like this! Nicely done!!!
August 18th, 2019  
Interesting image you created
August 18th, 2019  
I love what you've done here - it really catches your eye.
August 18th, 2019  
This is amazing. My in camera never looked this good.
August 18th, 2019  
Looks super Wendy! Fav
August 18th, 2019  
This is amazing!
August 18th, 2019  
I'm not sure that I know how to do this in camera. I'm pretty sure I can do it in post processing, but I haven't tried either. I'll add this to my to-do list.
August 19th, 2019 are so good!
August 20th, 2019  
It is super easy to do in camera - just takes practice and experimentation. (Just google in camera multiple exposure and lots of tutorials will come up)
This was actually the result of a mistake ... I did what I originally planned on immediately after this and it turned out terrible.
Goes to show the greatest plans of mice and men sometimes go awry and that which is unplanned is sometimes the best!
August 20th, 2019  
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