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I've played around with a camera for quite a few years but concentrated mainly on dog portraits, flowers and the occasional butterfly. I guess my enthusiasm helped compensate for my lack of technical ability.

In the few short months since joining the project, I have for the most part abandoned Auto mode on my camera. I have taken to using Manual wherever I can. I use PSE 11, coupled with Nik filters, and love both Photoshop and post processing. Gavin Hoey has a whole host of tutorials on YouTube I want to work my way through!

Much to my surprise, I've found that macro photography (or as close up as my lens will allow) coupled with landscapes have now replaced dog portraits as my favourite subject. On my wish list is a decent macro lens! I am also veering more and more towards b&w but I think this is largely influenced by the very high standard of b&w images here.

Get Pushed Challenges to date are:

261 Cut flowers in natural light
262 Either photograph a vintage article or use processing to achieve vintage feel
263 Self portrait
264 Take photograph in the midday sun
265 Take b&w portrait or silhouette
266 Light trails
267 Produce an abstract
268 Reflections
269 Take a kitchen or bathroom object and photograph in a unique way
270 Street photography
271 Use a Gavin Hoey tutorial
272 Take a night shot using natural light
273 Use a Gavin Hoey tutorial not used previously
274 Take a still life of 5 objects or more
275 10 of 1 : Take 10 shots of 1 small object
276 Close up shot of an animal or pet
277 Convey Laughter as the subject