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Am just starting Year 2 as of the end of December 2017 - I didn't think I would make it this far, but the help and encouragement I've received from fellow 365ers has kept me going. This site can become addictive!

My photography favourites have changed over the past 12 months. I mostly enjoy trying to take a decent macro (or as close up as my lens will allow) and I am veering more towards black & white, influenced I think by the very high standard of b&w pictures here.

Looking forward to completing my second year,


Get Pushed Challenges to date are:

261 Cut flowers in natural light
262 Either photograph a vintage article or use processing to achieve vintage feel
263 Self portrait
264 Take photograph in the midday sun
265 Take b&w portrait or silhouette
266 Light trails
267 Produce an abstract
268 Reflections
269 Take a kitchen or bathroom object and photograph in a unique way
270 Street photography
271 Use a Gavin Hoey tutorial
272 Take a night shot using natural light
273 Use a Gavin Hoey tutorial not used previously
274 Take a still life of 5 objects or more
275 10 of 1 : Take 10 shots of 1 small object
276 Close up shot of an animal or pet
277 Convey Laughter as the subject
278 Close up or macro shot of local artwork
279 Forced perspective photograph
280 Photograph a dog's paw or tongue
281 Blend two images of choice together
282 Lights
283 -
284 Splash of colour
285 Looking inside a restaurant or cafe, pub or bar
286 Produce a tilt shift effect photograph
287 Photograph of hands
288 Picture depicting movement
289 Picture depicting friendship
290 Modern furniture
291 In camera multiple exposure
292 Street photography
294 Tell a story, mainly using shadows
295 Produce an HDR image using exposure compensation
296 Depict the style of an artist you like with a photograph
297 Youth vs Age
298 Water drop refractions
299 Photograph a kitchen utensil in macro, b&w with an abstract twist
300 Light painting
301 Red on red
302 Action shot of a dog
303 Produce a shot of someone showing how they spend their time in a job/study/retirement
304 Make a gif file
305 Show a person enjoying an activity
306 Produce an image with strong textures