Look Away Now... by helenmoss

Look Away Now...

...if you are squeamish!
This is what happens when you drop your camera on the beach!
But don't worry, that's not a whopping great knife he's wielding! It's the vacuum cleaner nozzle - trying to vacuum the grains of sand out of the hidden recesses.
Sadly, the operation was not a success.
great documentation of a death ...
April 26th, 2010  
aw, poor baby.... T.T
April 26th, 2010  
too bad about the camera.
April 26th, 2010  
may it rest in peace.
April 26th, 2010  
Hey...that should be in Latin!!! Requiescat in pace
April 26th, 2010  
All the best lines have been taken!

Tragic, unnecessary death...
April 27th, 2010  
Interesting to see its innards though!
April 27th, 2010  
Pricey ending to a good friend.
April 27th, 2010  
I dropped mine about a month ago in a spring, and I still miss it, it got to be like an extension of my arm. Hope you find a good replacement!
April 27th, 2010  
I really thought it was a knife.
May 8th, 2010  
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