PMAE No 62 by joysabin

PMAE No 62

Okay, several lessons learned.

1. Shooting sunsets is a patience en devour to begin with.

2. Adjustment layers are not as tough as I thought

3. Creating an HDR then adding a filter in the NIK collection with Photoshop creates a huge file- unable to be accepted in 365. I went the adj layers route and am rather happy with the result.

4. Luck has a lot do with the Grand Canyon. We had made our hotel reservations 6+ months ago but, you can't control the weather. There were clouds all day long and the light in the canyon was just flat as was noticeable in my post of yesterday. The sun gave us a very short gift of bursting through the clouds at sunset and this was my capture.
The clouds add to the drama, what a light!
November 1st, 2017  
This is beautiful. Love the light!
November 1st, 2017  
Beautiful, breathtaking scenery and fabulous light and colour. Fav
November 1st, 2017  
Fabulous light
November 1st, 2017  
beautiful, worth the effort!
November 1st, 2017  
that's a powerful image, joy. have a great trip :)
November 1st, 2017  
Lovely, sounds like good lessons learnt!
November 1st, 2017  
Fabulous lighting and great editing.
November 1st, 2017  
Ow wow... that is magical. Such incredible light and composition.
November 1st, 2017  
Agree on almost everything, except that you can control the file dimensions of a photoshopped+nikefexed photo by reducing the resolution of the jpeg file... ;-) fav!
November 1st, 2017  
@irisn Thank you so very much for the fav. This is the first time that I stayed at the canyon to witness the sunset, so glad that I did.

@gardenfolk The sunset colors truly make the rocks come alive there. Thank you a great deal for the fav.

@angiedanielle24 Thank you kindly for the fav. There was doubt that the sun would break through and gift us with its power- Thank goodness that I listen to my husband.

@graemestevens Truly appreciate the fav. The sun was playing shy all day so I doubted that sunset would be anything special. So glad that I was wrong.

@pusspup Thank you ever so much for the fav. My husband is the one that said that we should try and see if there might be a 'show' of color, grateful I listened.

@pistache You are so very kind, thank you.

@jclaireyp I am so lucky to live close, only about 1.5 hours away and while I live here in Arizona I plan to make many many trips to the Canyon.

@nickspicsnz Thank you hugely for the fav. The sun gifted us with the light and I was/am extremely grateful.

@deborah63 Thank you so very much for the fav. The Canyon is a magical place. I live close and can't take enough trips there. My husband has reached his limit but then he isn't retired yet.

@domenicododaro Thank you ever so kindly both for the fav and the info. I am learning how to use and not get overwhelmed by Photoshop. The Canyon is a most magical place and I am very grateful that I live so close so I can take my time and appreciate it's power and beauty.
November 1st, 2017  
such a unique place in the world
November 1st, 2017  
The indifferent weather couldn’t last indefinitely ;-). I think that the limited light you had due to cloud etc. mitigated in your favour. What I can't see makes me more curious and impatient...for your future shots.
November 1st, 2017  
@blueberry1222 Can't argue with that.

@s4sayer While I am living here, (won't be forever) I want to experience the canyon as often as I can. Those who shoot the canyon for a living around here say that there isn't a bad day to be had, one must be creative and patient. I want to try some snow shots so, this winter I will make some sojourns there.
November 2nd, 2017  
@s4sayer PS- thank you so very kindly for the fav.
November 2nd, 2017  
I love the light and colors. Looking forward to some snow shots!
November 2nd, 2017  
Great lighting.
November 2nd, 2017  
Fantastic! Fav! You were there at just the right moment. You don't want to be sending large files through the ether, for 365 or otherwise. Are you OK with changing file size in PS?
November 2nd, 2017  
@eudora So very appreciative of the fav. The snow may start soon too.

@haskar The Canyon is just totally amazing at sunset.

@yrhenwr Thank you so very kindly for the fav. Photoshop and I are becoming better buds but, at times it laughs its head off at me. I just won't give in. Better better with the adjust size thing.
November 2nd, 2017  
Spectacular! An instant fav. The colors, lighting, and composition work so well together.
November 4th, 2017  
You got a great shot though! I had that problem with over edited files, now I save them as small files - I go to 3 most times, it loads up so much quicker too.
November 5th, 2017  
@taffy So very grateful for the fav. The canyon is a magical place.

@stephanies Thank you, the HDR edit is the worst - looks lovely (most times) but is huge. I am trying to learn more about layers and how to work with them. I just need patience with myself and photoshop :):)
November 6th, 2017  
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