Dad’s azalea

My dad just moved his plants back inside for the winter. This is one of his azaleas that’s blooming. He put two different colored ones in the pot together. He told me that with bonsai, even though the plants are smaller in size, the flowers are the same size. I like the bright colors! (I didn’t inherit his green thumb!)
They are beautiful.
posted November 2nd, 2017  
he is clever. I would never have thought of bonsai azaleas.
posted November 2nd, 2017  
posted November 2nd, 2017  
Great shot of a hobby we share.
posted November 2nd, 2017  
How lovely. And I never knew that about the bonsai.
posted November 3rd, 2017  
Stunning picture.
posted November 4th, 2017  
Those would cheer up the indoors -- especially given all the gloomy fog the past few days.
posted November 6th, 2017  
Beautiful colours and plants! That's a handy fun fact too :)
posted November 7th, 2017  
This is beautiful ...Your dad must be quite good at growing plants!

Our local bonsai club has a rather old bonsai azalea that they display each year; it has very large blooms and is usually covered with them each spring!
posted November 10th, 2017  
What chipper colors! Thanks for the info too.
posted November 12th, 2017  
Never thought of putting azaleas into a pot! I love their bright slash of colour - would be good to see inside!
posted November 13th, 2017  
How about that- I've never seen Azaleas in a Bonsai format before. That would certainly brighten up some of those gray winter days.
posted November 14th, 2017  
Beautiful vibrant colours.
posted November 14th, 2017  
Didn't know about bonsai azaleas. Lovely
posted November 16th, 2017  
You have taught me something here! A lovely, colourful shot.
posted November 18th, 2017  
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