Third of July

There are spectacular photos of fireworks on the 365 Project- this is not one of them! Snapped with my iPhone to mark the day. After a very hot day it turned out to be a nice evening.
Cool picture.
posted July 6th, 2018  
Wonderful capture
posted July 6th, 2018  
Lovely how the sparkles seem to streak out.
posted July 6th, 2018  
Well, Elyse! I didn't photograph any fireworks so you got more than me! I was home with Katniss and Sophie, trying to keep them from freaking out over the noise of fireworks from the parks and neighborhoods! Sophie was especially bothered! Glad you had a nice evening!
posted July 6th, 2018  
so funny, I like this snap :)
posted July 6th, 2018  
Not bad for a phone, I haven't tried fireworks either. I spend my time calming my dogs.
posted July 6th, 2018  
A lovely nighttime capture
posted July 6th, 2018  
Spectaculair firework and fav, capture. Have a nice celebrathing.
posted July 6th, 2018  
You're too funny! This is lovely! I had no fireworks to photograph...not even up here on Canada Day!
posted July 7th, 2018  
It's a good memory shot, to capture the feeling of the evening.
posted July 8th, 2018  
Better than my attempts at fireworks. As Taffy says it's a good memory shot.
posted July 9th, 2018  
Spectacular show!
posted July 13th, 2018  
Always good to capture the moment!
posted July 14th, 2018  
Great fireworks!
posted July 15th, 2018  
They’re not fireworks...rather Skylights!
posted July 16th, 2018  
Thank you, Elyse for voting for 4 on the kitty collage. I think they needed some love because those kitties were darling and I don't really want to win, although Panda was a cutie pie! I just like to participate. :)
posted July 17th, 2018  
Excellent light display!
posted July 17th, 2018  
what fun, eh.
posted July 18th, 2018  
This is great. I can never get fireworks to photograph this nice.
posted July 20th, 2018  
Fun and wonderful shot👍
posted July 22nd, 2018  
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