Angel by kchuk


I have a picture like this one tucked in my desk drawer at work. The figurine is not mine, but sometimes I just need a reminder to try to keep things in perspective.
She is lovely and beautifully captured, a great idea to have one nearby.
April 9th, 2024  
Very nice. A great reminder
April 9th, 2024  
How lovely is your angel!
April 9th, 2024  
Lovely figurine and thought
April 9th, 2024  
Very serene and pretty
April 9th, 2024  
A sweet figurine
April 9th, 2024  
awww cute
April 9th, 2024  
April 9th, 2024  
"peace" ...that would be nice Elyse ... not much chance though is there ?
April 9th, 2024  
@ludwigsdiana @bkbinthecity @happysnaps @briaan @cmf @carolmw @koalagardens @seattlite @phil_howcroft Thank you, everyone! I was so surprised to see her on the pops page!
April 9th, 2024  
Very pretty!
April 10th, 2024  
Sweet and a pretty reminder
April 10th, 2024  
April 10th, 2024  
Sweet! Everyone should have one!
April 10th, 2024  
April 12th, 2024  
A lovely face and capture
April 15th, 2024  
Very nice, Elyse. A friend of mine sent me a sweet angel holding a little dog as a gift for losing my Sophie Belle. It made me cry but I do like it.
April 18th, 2024  
Such a pretty little angel to watch over you. =)
April 19th, 2024  
So sweet!
April 20th, 2024  
If only.
April 23rd, 2024  
April 24th, 2024  
What a beauty!
April 25th, 2024  
What lovely lines she has
April 27th, 2024  
May 1st, 2024  
Very sweet- and a lovely reminder too. good shot.
May 1st, 2024  
May 4th, 2024  
Lovely angel.
May 4th, 2024  
A beautiful angel, so poignant
May 6th, 2024  
Such a sweet image! It does remind you to Be Still and be thankful.
May 7th, 2024  
Very sweet
May 7th, 2024  
Love this
May 9th, 2024  
May 13th, 2024  
Lovely sentiment.
May 14th, 2024  
Sweet image!
May 18th, 2024  
it is very sweet. My friend gave me an angel holding a dog when my Sophie Belle passed. I get weepy when I see it and think of my sweet girl.
May 23rd, 2024  
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