All of a tangle by kiwinanna

All of a tangle

Flying kites on the beach is another summer pastime. They got in a bit of a tangle although that didn't worry them and they had fun sorting it out.
Great capture
January 4th, 2018  
Looks like a fun pastime.
January 5th, 2018  
ouch! (bare feet on the shingle)
January 5th, 2018  
A lovely action shot. I was very intrigued by all the drift wood right up to the start of the buildings. Remnants of past scary event?
January 6th, 2018  
Hi Lianna, I'm your get-pushed partner this week, so for your challenge could you get something from your kitchen drawer and photograph it in an interesting way please?!
January 8th, 2018  
@angiedanielle24 Ok thanks I will get my thoughts on that together asap. It might even mean I get to tidy my kitchen drawers too! lol
January 9th, 2018  
@kiwinanna good plan !
January 9th, 2018  
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