Shaped Conifers - Roma Street Parklands by loey5150

Shaped Conifers - Roma Street Parklands

The other day when we were in the Roma Street Parklands, I saw these beautifully shaped trees.
They look very symmetrical, almost like chess pieces.
I think you'll like them too :)
Very nice tree line, so perfect, and they are all about the same size.
November 14th, 2010  
They do look like chess pieces. Some one is pretty handy with the clippers!
November 14th, 2010  
cool shot and well manicured trees.
November 14th, 2010  
I love the Roma street parklands, you've been so close to me Lois it's kind of weird in a cooped up in hospital wanting to be places just like this so nearby and there you were....great shot of just how well tended those gardens are :)
November 14th, 2010  
Oh yes, that's fantastic... how many of them there are!
November 14th, 2010  
@elizabeth There are groves of them all over the park :)
November 15th, 2010  
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