the flight of time by ltodd

the flight of time

I really liked this interesting clockface, but it's square shape and intricate pattern turned out to be far more challenging than a plain circular clockface!
This is some practice in perspective and manipulation - and yep, I still have a way to go, but I have learnt heaps along the way.

Hope you have a great weekend.
Wonderful processing. Where did you find the tutorial? Fav
January 31st, 2015  
@shepherdmanswife he he nope, there was no guiding tutorial - this is a whole lot of trial & mostly error & not knowing what I was trying to end up with! I learnt how to use my Filter forge plug in for the clockface perspective, but the hair rope was created & edited using the perspective adjustment. ( so don't look too closely!!)
January 31st, 2015  
Very cool, nicely done
January 31st, 2015  
Lyn, this is an amazing piece of work. How long did it take to put it all together? A fav for sure.
January 31st, 2015  
@degarvey thanks De! mmmm, about 4 hours, but I changed my mind totally halfway through because my initial idea just looked rubbish! If I did this one again now, totally from scratch, it would probably take just over an hour. I sometimes know what I want to 'get to' , but not necessarily 'how' to do it exactly. As long as I am learning along the way though, I don't mind., editing is my way of relaxing.
January 31st, 2015  
@ltodd I do believe it was worth the time spent. I need to start using some of my editing tools. You are an inspiration!
January 31st, 2015  
This is great. Very effective visually and cleverly processed. FAVed
January 31st, 2015  
Oh Lyn, these clock shots of yours are just great!
January 31st, 2015  
Dreamy shot
January 31st, 2015  
Oh wow. Thus is stunning and so inspirational. I've got a long way to go! Fav
January 31st, 2015  
Wow, great idea and processing!
January 31st, 2015  
Your editing is always amazing and impressive Lyn! Well done!
January 31st, 2015  
This is really fantastic looking! Definitely time well spent!
February 3rd, 2015  
This is amazing, well done!
February 5th, 2015  
Lyn this is wonderful.
February 6th, 2015  
What a wonderful result... gorgeous job. It does look challenging, to my amateur eye, so well done!
February 7th, 2015  
Wonderfully worth the time you put into absolute FAV!!
February 7th, 2015  
stunning editing Lyn
February 8th, 2015  
Inspiring! Where do you learn to do this so well???? Fav!
February 11th, 2015  
@clarek Thanks Clare :) I have learnt so much since starting my 365 journey and I really appreciate the opportunity that 365 gives me to practice fanciful editing once in a while. I do read a lot of photo magazines! This one came about because I needed to practice changing an objects perspective.
February 11th, 2015  
February 13th, 2015  
Very cool processing!
February 18th, 2015  
I love this!! Am so glad you followed me and I'm following you back. You do really interesting work. Thanks for the fav of my light dancer.
March 21st, 2015  
Wow - amazing processing.
March 27th, 2015  
Missed this one - wonderful Lyn : )
March 29th, 2015  
I don't know how I missed this. Gorgeous. Fav.
March 31st, 2015  
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