Quiet contemplation by netkonnexion

Quiet contemplation

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Picture titles prompt your viewer
Awesome shot
January 15th, 2014  
very cool shot, i like your title.
January 15th, 2014  
I agree with that fact - set the scene with the words and this is a great example!
January 15th, 2014  
FAbulous light
January 15th, 2014  
Brilliant shot! Very provocative!
January 15th, 2014  
Great capture.
January 15th, 2014  
Nice...I would love a moment in that space for Quiet Contemplation!
January 15th, 2014  
January 15th, 2014  
Lovely! Great shot!
January 15th, 2014  
Great serene capture
January 15th, 2014  
Beautiful. Love the composition.
January 15th, 2014  
Love the strong foreground focus and sharp figure. Contrasts nicely with the view, which has a softer feel. This combined with the caption, i think does what you want, and pulls you to the contemplation rather than the view. Good blog on this.
January 15th, 2014  
Gorgeous shot!
January 15th, 2014  
Fabulous capture, cool title. Very good article - makes one think!
January 15th, 2014  
Your title is just perfect for this capture. A fav! Your article is so spot-on.
January 15th, 2014  
Beautiful capture,a perfect title!!
January 15th, 2014  
Fabulous capture--with a perfect title. (I always struggle with the title, so I will read your article!!!)
January 16th, 2014  
Perfect composition
January 16th, 2014  
Yes, apt title - named that image in two. Composition's great (nothing new there, then). I like that there's so much sky in it - that's so much about thoughts, dreams and ideas, somehow. Lovely depth. I like the way the colours are doing their bit to create it too, that "warm colours advance, cool colours recede" thing.

Titles are helpful but it's the very devil to get them right.
January 16th, 2014  
Penny for his 'thoughts'...
January 17th, 2014  
Awesome peaceful scene beautifully caught ... perfect caption.
January 18th, 2014  
Moody, feels contemplative
January 21st, 2014  
Beautifully composed and somehow deeply restful to view.
January 22nd, 2014  
Nice shot, Net! Glad to see you still come to post once in awhile!
January 25th, 2014  
@prttblues - thanks. I plan to be around for a long while, but I am very busy at the moment. See you soon!
January 28th, 2014  
January 29th, 2014  
Thank you for sharing that beautiful view
January 31st, 2014  
Very clear photo with good title.
February 3rd, 2014  
Beautiful shot, very gentle
February 21st, 2014  
Nicely captured- feel like I'm standing there with him, just thinking...
February 22nd, 2014  
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