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Married, mother of 2, and 6 grandchildren (yay!), celebrating 13 years on 365! I have dabbled in photography for quite some time now and have grown to enjoy it even more through this project. Thanks to this faithful community and their support and encouragement I've taken some steps in photography that I never thought I'd do before. I joined a camera club, was elected to their leadership team and have begun to display some of my work in public! More recently I had several of my pictures published in a local magazine called "Pocono Living". My biggest accolade to date was having one of my photos selected by a Long Island Gallery for their top 30 National Parks photo exhibit and a more local gallery selecting one of my black and whites as an honorable mention in one of their shows. Photography has trained me to take a second look at everything now. My friends know I've always got my camera handy, and I'm never sure what will strike my fancy next, but I'm sure I'll take a picture of it. Most of all, I enjoy the simple things in life- faith, hope and love.

I truly appreciate when someone who follows my photos leaves a comment. And if you leave a comment on mine, I will leave one on yours. That's how I keep track of all the amazing shots here on 365!

I'm now a dot-com! If you'd like to see some of the thoughts behind my photos, check me out on annhlefevre.com. The "Images and Ink" button will bring you to a photo with some of my musings. I'm also on Facebook under Ann H LeFevre (although I confess I'm not on there much as I'm far more devoted to 365!!) and if you REALLY want to contact me keyboard to keyboard, you can email me at Olivetreeann@mail.com.

One last word- thanks to the incredible support and enthusiasm for Flash of Red February I've written my first book on black and white photography! It's entitled, "Seeing in Black and White: An Amateur Photographer's Thoughts on the Art of Monochrome". Here's the link if you're so inclined to check it out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0798X7Y98