Last Day by paintdipper

Last Day

Thank You! :)
I want to thank everyone so much for following, looking in, wonderful comments and fabulous favs, they are each greatly appreciated all year!
It has been a delight for me to wake every day and see all your fabulous photos that run the gamut of emotions and creativity.
I won’t be able to stop looking, but I am going to take a short break from posting after the New Year while the days are covered with snow and low light. Until early spring I’ll hibernate with the chipmunks. See you again when snow melts and the leaves bud! :)
I've enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your comments -- I'll definitely miss you and look forward to spring when you and the root children wake up to beautify the world!
December 30th, 2012  
Congratulations on making it to the last day! See you again soon.
December 30th, 2012  
Well done! I have really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos and hope to see you back soon!
December 30th, 2012  
Congratulations Junan.
December 30th, 2012  
Congratulations! Your photos have been an inspiration, such lovely colours, always. Well done and thank you for sharing part of your world with us. All the best!
December 30th, 2012  
December 30th, 2012  
I love your photos. Hope to see more in the spring!
December 30th, 2012  
Well done, love following...I plan to do the same thing, hop on now and then but I have other projects and things that I want to learn and do.
December 30th, 2012  
It has been a pleasure following you. Congratulations on your achievement, and I look forward to see you back in the spring. Happy New Year, and stay warm.
December 30th, 2012  
Great collection of photos here and well done with the composition of the whole picture! Sorry to see you disappear even for a short time but your choice! Happy New Year to you!
December 30th, 2012  
Congratulations, Junan and all the best!
December 30th, 2012  
Fabuloous commemorative shot. I look forward to seeing you again when the days ar longer and more inviting
December 30th, 2012  
Conhratulations, Junan! It has been a joy to walk with you. Have a good sleep and hope to see you in the spring.
December 30th, 2012  
Congratulations, Junan! What a great accomplishment. I will miss you and your beautiful photos ...and hope that you will be back again in 2013. It's good to take a break. Enjoy! We'll be here when you are ready to join us. :)
December 30th, 2012  
Congratulations, Junan! We'll look forward to seeing you back when you're ready.
December 31st, 2012  
Congratulations! Well done for making it all the way, and I look forward to seeing your photos in Spring :)
December 31st, 2012  
December 31st, 2012  
Congratulations! I look forward to your return!
December 31st, 2012  
Love your shot and loved following you.. Have a great 2013....
December 31st, 2012  
Congratulations on reaching 365! And a lovely collage to complete your project. I've enjoyed looking at your photos over the past months, and I look forward to seeing more of your shots in the spring.
December 31st, 2012  
Congratulations Junan on completing your project! See you in the spring (:
January 1st, 2013  
Congrats and enjoy your brake, looking forward to some more great pics in the new year.
January 2nd, 2013  
Congratulations on completing the project, Junan!! Enjoy your hibernation. I look forward to your return:)
January 2nd, 2013  
Congratulations on finishing your project, Junan.....nice collage, enjoy your break!
January 5th, 2013  
Congratulations!!!! have loved seeing your work! All best wishes!
January 6th, 2013  
Congratulations! Feels good, doesn't it? Have a nice break but we hope you come back soon!,
January 6th, 2013  
January 8th, 2013  
January 11th, 2013  
Gorgeous! and congrats!
January 11th, 2013  
Fantastic work Junan, How have we not met? following :)
January 12th, 2013  
Congratulations to you too. I really enjoyed seeing world through your eyes of a painter.
January 16th, 2013  
Oh, Junan, I missed your last day! I'm so sorry - I totally agree with your idea of going to hibernate but certainly hope that you'll be back!
January 18th, 2013  
Very cool collage
January 18th, 2013  
Congrats for finishing. Love this parting shot.
January 20th, 2013  
Congrats on your 365!
January 28th, 2013  
Congrats on finishing Junan, I know we were never following each other, But i so enjoyed your fabulous shots & company along the way! : )
February 1st, 2013  
Oh, I missed your end! Big congrats - I enjoyed following you!!
February 4th, 2013  
thanks for the visit and fav on my shot today! I thought you were gone! You still check out the pics? You should start posting again! :)
February 15th, 2013  
Noooooooooo I just started following you.:( Congratulations on completing your year and hope you come back soon!
November 1st, 2013  
Congratulations on completing your project.
November 1st, 2013  
Congrats, just delightful.
April 4th, 2014  
Congrats Junan. Enjoy your break. I look forward to seeing you back again.
November 15th, 2014  
I have missed so many photos and this is one of many. Love how you ended the year.
August 2nd, 2016  
hey, this is great
February 21st, 2018  
Congrats to you, keep going, this is my 8th year
July 1st, 2019  
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