Mono Meerkat by phil_howcroft

Mono Meerkat

I've been experimenting doing some of my zoo animals in mono.

This is a male Meerkat at Twycross edited in Rawtherapee and GIMP

Not too sure if the background to the left of the frame works OK i/e is it too busy?

They are cute though :)
Brilliant detail
June 14th, 2016  
Well I think it would be great if it was just a plain background but he's gotta sit where he's gotta sit! Doesn't spoil the photo in my eyes. & animals do their own thing. Love the detail & his knowing expression!
June 14th, 2016  
He is gorgeous Phil
agree wih @happypat
June 14th, 2016  
Terrific detail, Phil. The dof helps out:)
June 15th, 2016  
Another of your great portraits, Phil. I cannot say much on mono photography but I agree with Dave about the dof.
June 15th, 2016  
Works well in B&W
June 15th, 2016  
I love these little creatures and have photographed them often, but I never thought to converting to monochrome. This works really well, Phil. You could blur off the lefthand side if it bothers you, but I think it anchors the animal in its surroundings.
June 16th, 2016  
@irisr thanks jacqui, good shout about the blurring, although it does indeed anchor things :)

@colinbarber013 thanks colin

@sangwann thanks dione, your words of encouragement are always great to read :)

@sketch2 thanks dave, i was a bit worried it is slightly more greyscale than contrasty mono

@annied thanks annie, he is indeed
June 16th, 2016  
@happypat thanks pat, you are right about sitting where he is sitting :)

@busylady thanks judith :) glad you like the detail
June 16th, 2016  
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