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Pop Caps

Just a few bottle caps from different pops we've tried. Chris likes to try drinks from different places and my dad is usually up for doing stuff like that too. I would be, and am to an extent, but sugary drinks tend to make me feel bad even if I can figure out the appropriate amount of insulin to take, so I rarely drink anything with sugar unless my blood sugar is too low and then it's more medicine than enjoyable drink! Anyway, we have several of the Barbican ones because Christopher really likes Barbican (from Saudi Arabia). The weirdest one is definitely the Tymbark cap (from Poland), with its pull ring design. I think the plain gold one is from Cool Runnings, which is a Caribbean-style brand that's made in Canada. As for the others: Jarritos is Mexican, Island Soda is Jamaican, I think, and the blue and red one at the top is from a Pakistani drink that was similar to Barbican. I think it was called Murree Malt.
February 17th, 2024  
What an interesting collection. Do you keep them?
February 17th, 2024  
Very cool idea
February 19th, 2024  
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