The White Rose Breathes of Love... by princessicajessica

The White Rose Breathes of Love...

My husband brought me white roses tonight. It was a surprising choice because of all the flowers he's brought me over the years, he has never brought white roses before and white is probably the last colour I would have expected him to choose for me. I asked if there was a reason he chose those ones, and he said he didn't know, something just drew him to that bouquet tonight. I subsequently discovered that one of the roses has a double centre that makes a heart-- I've read that double centres in roses are generally seen as undesirable, but this one is just perfect for me since I love natural/accidental/found hearts so much! Love is all around us!

The title I used for this photo is from a poem called A White Rose by J. B. O'Reilly. That poem is funny because it's actually about a different kind of rose (one with a flush on its edges) but I thought that the line still fit this photo well!
Lovely story and capture!
April 24th, 2024  
Wow! What a beautiful, loving gift. The double centre heart/hearts makes it extra sweet.
April 24th, 2024  
That's just exquisite! The heart-shared center is perfect! For a time I collected the books of James O'Reilly; they're charming!
April 24th, 2024  
April 29th, 2024  
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