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Get Pushed Challenge 581
My partner challenged me to do a photo in the golden hour or the blue hour. I didn't think this golden rod in the early evening light would have as much color as it did. No processing here except for a crop.

More commonly known as goldenrod, it often keeps company with the detested allergen producing plant ragweed.
@annied Here's a photo I took this evening. It was a dramatic light, as the sun was blocked by trees between these plants and the horizon, but I thought it gave good "gold" to the plants' flowers. Thank you for the challenge. I hope to get a blue hour photo in too this week. If only I can get up early enough.
September 19th, 2023  
Nicely captured in the evening light. FYI- there's also a blue hour in the evening (o: although like the golden hour, it actually only lasts about 15 to 20 mins. tops. It's that last gasp of light after the sun goes below the horizon and just before it's fully out of sight.
September 19th, 2023  
Nice capture in the soft light
September 19th, 2023  
very pretty with the light accenting the color so well Kathy. I hope to see your blue hour photo soon
September 19th, 2023  
@olivetreeann Thanks Ann for the comments on the photo and info about the blue hour. I have a specific subject in mind to take in the AM blue hour. Hopefully I'll be up one morning this week.
@corinnec Thank you Corinne.
@grammyn Thanks Katy. I have to go somewhere tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll do it when I get up.
September 19th, 2023  
Nice shot. Love the color you captured in the golden rod.
September 19th, 2023  
Lovely tones.
September 19th, 2023  
lovely light :)
September 19th, 2023  
Lovely light
September 19th, 2023  
Such a strong shade, it tends to glow later than other things. Good choice
September 19th, 2023  
September 19th, 2023  
Great light especially when seen on black background.
September 19th, 2023  
Lovely shot of the Goldenrod
September 19th, 2023  
Lovely shot and dof.
September 19th, 2023  
Pretty, my dad used to grow it and sell it with his flowers, like the white Gypsophila.
September 19th, 2023  
The soft lighting really works well here.
September 19th, 2023  
Great capture of those nice looking flowers.
September 19th, 2023  
@shutterbug49 Thank you. It was looking particularly "golden" last evening.
@taffy Thank you Taffy.
@annied Thank you Annie.
@kjarn Thank you Kathy.
@casablanca A good fall wildflower. Thanks Casa.
@jamibann Thanks Issi.
@wakelys Thank you Sue.
@ziggy77 Thank you Jo.
@haskar Thanks very much Hannah.
@craftymeg Oh my, now that's new to me. As far as I know it is only used as a wildflower here and it grows in fields and on the side of the road. I do think it would be pretty in a cut flower arrangement this time of year. Thanks for sharing that memory with me Meg.
@granagringa Thank you Madeleine.
@pyrrhula Thank you Ferry.
September 19th, 2023  
Well captured.
September 21st, 2023  
@johnfalconer Thank you John.
September 22nd, 2023  
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