New growth by rhoing

New growth

I was fascinated by how this "fluffy" new head was emerging from the last stem. It's like a Russian doll opening up to reveal another inside… (Or birth of a "Veggie Tales" character?!?)

Awaiting confirmation that this is a common fennel, “Foeniculum vulgare,” which produces the familiar anise-flavored spice (fennel seed).

From the Missouri Botanical Garden, “Foeniculum vulgare (common fennel) is an upright, branching perennial that is typically grown in vegetable and herb gardens for its anise-flavored foliage and seeds, both of which are commonly harvested for use in cooking. It somewhat resembles a very large dill plant. It grows to 3-5' (less frequently to 6') tall and features feathery, compound, aromatic, yellow-green leaves with needle-like segments and tiny yellow flowers in large, flattened, compound umbels. Flowers bloom in mid- to late summer, and are followed by aromatic seeds. Plants have escaped gardens and naturalized in many parts of North America. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies. Fennel is a larval plant for certain swallowtail butterflies”

Species page at PhytoImages,

This is a close-up of a similar shot at PhytoImages,
The caption is “Sheathing leaf bases and young leaf.”

Photo taken at SIUC Plant Biology Greenhouse,

1 year ago (“Saint David”):
2 years ago (“Back to a ‘routine’? [SOOC]”):
3 years ago (“Three rows in a row!”):
4 years ago (“Thom’s Jerrys”):

[ IMG_9167S9x12tm ]
It looks like the top of an ear of corn. Which part do people eat ?
February 16th, 2015  
@lwain I only know of "fennel seed" as a food product we derive from fennel, so we'd have to wait for the plant to produce fruit and seeds. Same family as dill, celery and cumin; see
February 16th, 2015  
Quite fascinating.
February 16th, 2015  
Oh, btw, you can eat the fennel bulb. Looks like a large onion.
February 16th, 2015  
@danette And does it taste like the seeds and foliage??
February 16th, 2015  
I can't tell you. I only cooked it for the first time last year. I believe I liked the recipe. It's just been a crazy year. I want to make it again.
February 17th, 2015  
Very neat photo. Great detail.
February 17th, 2015  
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