Remembering a teacher… by rhoing

Remembering a teacher…

These glasses come from a set (with a decanter) that was a wedding gift 35+ years ago from a high school teacher (and his wife, Helen). Clare & I — and probably all of our siblings and friends at Kimball — took “World Lit.” This course was probably expected or assumed for all college-bound students, and I suspect this course title at Kimball High School was *always* synonymous with its teacher, Mr. (John) Botens. He was a bit, uh, irreverent, but he knew his stuff and this was an “A” that was earned, particularly by a math geek like me. Not many years ago, I think my sister still had her 3-ring binder with Mr. Botens' [mimeographed] course "study guide," _Great Ideas of Western Civilization_. In fact, I'm looking at a copy Clare & I *still* have. (It's Clare's copy, which was in better shape than mine when we discovered the duplication and knew we only could ever wish we had one.)

I had another point of contact with him outside of class as he was the faculty advisor for National Honor Society. He (and Mrs. Runyon) helped me through my senior year as president of NHS, geek that I was then, too…

I was saddened to learn last year that Mr. Botens passed away within the past couple of years (August 5, 2013) at age 81.

Thank you, Mr. B, for all you taught to generations of Kimball students. Many of us learned much more than just “world lit” from you and for that we are grateful. Rest in peace with your Helen! And once more, how *did* they separate the men from the boys in ancient Greece?

1 year ago (“Open Sesame”):
2 years ago (“Not everything in the greenhouse is ‘pretty’!”):
3 years ago (“Winter drear”):
4 years ago (“Not exactly the eyes of Texas upon me…”):

For my own reference:

[ IMG_9211ACS_CroppedBottom9x12tm ]
Teachers like that stick with us always. I had one in high school like this... He taught AP English . I did not really "like" him at all... But when I went to college and got to skip English 101 because I write a good essay, I was thrilled. I wrote to this teacher and yanked him for how hard he was on us... His high expectations.

This is a great tribute pic. Love the focus
February 17th, 2015  
@espyetta Thanks, MaryBeth! Now that I think about it, the focus is on the glass in front. I think that was my glass of Jägermeister and Mr. Botens dog for many years was Jäger (Deutsch für "Hunter").
February 17th, 2015  
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