“Selaginella” by rhoing


There are several species of Selaginella, a clubmoss found naturally in the Canary Islands, the Azores and parts of mainland Africa. Common names include Krauss' spikemoss, Krauss′s clubmoss, spreading selaginella and African clubmoss. I just like the patterns and structure of this plant as it doesn't seem to have really "woody" branches or twigs. But it's a club *moss* or spike *moss* so I guess I shouldn't be surprised!

This image at PhytoImages, http://phytoimages.siu.edu/imgs/paraman1/r/Selaginellaceae_Selaginella_plant%20A_107904.html

Genus page at PhytoImages, http://phytoimages.siu.edu/cgi-bin/dol/dol_terminal.pl?taxon_name=Selaginella&rank=genus

Photo taken at SIUC Plant Biology Greenhouse, http://www.plantbiology.siu.edu/facilities/plant-biology-facilities/greenhouse/index.php

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[ IMG_8715S12x8tm :: f/29 (–0.7) :: 1/4" :: ISO-200 :: 60mm :: tripod ]
I like the look of this. You find some very interesting specimens
February 7th, 2016  
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