AC install: Day 1 by rhoing

AC install: Day 1

This is an amusing story, though obviously an expensive project.

It started a few weeks ago with an attic inspection for pests. (One mouse, perhaps, but nothing significant and a stray mouse is apparently not unusual.)

That led to a determination that our attic insulation, about R15–20 [was not what was promised in 2011, R38 — — and] is not nearly what's recommended for attic spaces in our climate, also at least R38.

Energy Star recommendations »

That led to a conversation about how warm our upstairs bedrooms (and office) are in the summer. Our two-story house has a single heating-and-cooling system — — while most (if not all) other two-story homes in our neighborhood have two.

Blah-blah-blah — we're having a houseful of guests twice this summer — blah-blah-blah. Sign here and here (kuh-ching, kuh-ching, kuh-ching).

Today is Day 1 of 4 to install an AC system for the second floor. These are pieces of the main trunk line before they went up into the attic.

And dust is everywhere, of course, as insulation floats down from the attic access hole in our closet every time they go-up and come-down. :-\

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