Kids These Days by stray_shooter

Kids These Days

Marshall shows off his high tech Nikon's capabilities to an excited Louise while Anita's hubby John just enjoys the image. @weezilou @mbrutus
Good one Ron!
April 20th, 2017  
OK...can't stop laughing!!! And where the hell did I get those cheek bones?! What a funny funny picture Ron! Love it!
@redy4et I sure wish you could have been with us! It wasn't a tour of the Galapagos, but we didn't have to step over Iguanas either...
April 20th, 2017  
Love the capture and captions :)
April 20th, 2017  
"You turn it on here"
"Oh goodie. I've never been able to turn it on".
April 20th, 2017  
What a great fun capture and caption Ron, we have all been there, most groups seem to have a show off, lol:)
April 20th, 2017  
April 20th, 2017  
Fun title!!! Great thoughts from these two. So much to learn from other people's cameras and massive lens...... Fun foto. Opps! I have a very similar shot of this I was going to use in a day or two. (and might still use.... eventually). My angle on it looks like Louise is kissing John.
April 20th, 2017  
@aglennc Oh, well now you HAVE to show that one to us!
April 21st, 2017  
Really fun photo and title!
April 22nd, 2017  
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