empty chairs at empty tables by summerfield

empty chairs at empty tables

"there's a grief that can't be spoken
there's a pain goes on and on..."

the day was simply raining one minute and sunshine the next. this left the brookfield place's patio bistro and promenade rather empty except for the smokers which were relegated to about 9 metres away from the immediate vicinity of the building.

my relationship with my 50mm is still unstable as anything. of the six shots of this place, this came the closest to being decent. i can't very well blame the equipment as i think my eyes are just getting worse (manufacturer's defect slowly showing!). at any rate no matter how bad this shot is, i'm posting it so that i can ascertain at the end of the month (if ever i last that long) if i made some kind of improvement or not.


for the 50mm sooc challenge of course, day 7 (goodness i've lasted a week albeit with crappy focused photos :-P).

for the song title challenge. this song is from the broadway musical "les miserables", a very poignant song. i like to listen to lea salonga's (the original miss saigon) version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q4XBVV4chk the actual song starts at 1:49 of the video. from the actual play, michael ball's version i think is the best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POvsvbc1yC8

I like the muted colors and look here!
September 8th, 2017  
Very lovely tones.
September 8th, 2017  
I think this is well focused. What I enjoy about the shot is all of the gray is blown away by the lovely green of the chairs. Almost looks like selective coloring.
September 8th, 2017  
Makes for a nice shot
September 8th, 2017  
Both versions beautiful to listen to and a perfectly descriptive photo for that song
September 8th, 2017  
Great shot. Like the use of color.
September 8th, 2017  
Well, I think you did fine. The patterns on the chairs are clear. I like the movement of the fabric in the umbrellas and there is some pattern in the reflection on the closest table.
September 9th, 2017  
Those are very nice chairs, I like the pattern and colour
September 9th, 2017  
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