the attention getter

our catering manager called me this morning asking if i still want to take photos of the lemons? yesterday when i went up there, i saw this big bowl of lemons and i told her that i need a yellow edible model that i can photographed.

when i said yes, she asked me to come right away while it was still quiet in the servery and everything else had been cleaned in preparation for the lunch hour. the boardrooms were all busy.

it's good to have friends in the right places.


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Fab shot and lovely colour.
posted March 8th, 2018  
A perfect full frame of yellow! I agree about having friends in right places too!
posted March 8th, 2018  
Beautiful lemons.
posted March 8th, 2018  
Very lemony! To bad it's so cold- these would probably make a wonderful lemonade.
posted March 8th, 2018  
Mmmm, gorgeous lemons, I can almost smell them. I always think it's a shame that lemons ripen in winter.
posted March 9th, 2018  
Lucky you to have friends looking out for you.
posted March 9th, 2018  
Life gave you lemons and you took full advantage. They look good en masse.
posted March 11th, 2018  
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