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Hi, I am from Cambridgeshire, UK and have recently started doing some photography. I did a Photo-a-day challenge throughout Lent and wanted to continue. My son told me about the 365 project so I am giving it a go. I have a bridge camera - a Nikon L840 which I am just getting to grips with. I do not have Photoshop or the like for editing photos and I dont have any equipment other than a tripod, monopod and a sheet of black card! Looking forward to seeing and hopefully sharing some great images

Update December 2016
I am very much enjoying this year of 365project. The community are so welcoming and supportive and I have learnt loads so far. The Get Pushed Challenge is such a brilliant way to learn more, it is a double challenge - to respond to the challenges I am given and to give appropriate and fun challenges to others.
I have been amazed at the number of photos that have made it to the Popular Page! I did not expect that to happen as I am very much a novice/amateur photographer. I leave the professional stuff to my son!

Get pushed challenges to date:
Paper/magazine curling
Hard surfaces and straight lines
Dutch tilt
Panoramic shots
Word collage using objects
Isolated on white
Still life using 4/5 objects
Golden hour
Night photography
B & W
A day in my work life collage
Black and white
My name collage
Landscape with leading lines
B & W portraits
High key
Playing with shadows
Lines in architecture
Portraits featuring hands or feet
High/low perspective
Street scene with people in it
Playing with light
Using a phi grid
Negative space
Red on Red
Capture from above
High contrast shot
Re-work a fav from albumn
Low key
High key
Candid b&w image of people
Action/movement shot
Motion blur
Narrative in a single shot
Using the Mirror setting on my camera
Lines in architecture
My nationality
Using fabric
Rule of Space
Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)
Looking forward/looking back

Black and White minimalism
Food photography
A mechanical shot
Toys in a context
a diptych or triptych in the style of David Hilliard.
Panorama shot
"A shot in the dark"
Soft/out of focus
Raindrop refraction
"From where I stand"
Low key portrait
Flowers in a landscape
B & W flower shot
When I was a child

Looking forward to 2018 and meeting some more challenges and lovely folk too.

April 2017
So I have completed my full year on 365 project! It has been a great experience and I have learnt so much from the community here. Now here's to the second year!