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Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment and fav. Your comments and encouragement are much appreciated.

June 2019 - Now have two cameras! A Fujifilm X-T100 (entry-level mirrorless) and a Lumix TZ-70 (a compact with a 30xzoom which is easier to carry around everyday). Also started a year long on-line photography course! Prettty sure neither of these things would have happened without 365 :)

May 2018 - Just signed up to the 365 Project having never owned a camera and always doubted my ability to take a decent photo. But recently discovered the camera on my smartphone and started taking photos. The 365 Project is brilliant and I have found the community to be very supportive and inspirational. I hope to acquire the know-how to capture the world around me. And who knows - if my photos improve - I may even get a camera!