My multicolour dreams by abhijit

My multicolour dreams

Experimental selfie
Nice shot Abhijit. Love the sparkles of colour.
July 30th, 2012  
Wow, intense selfie, well done!
July 30th, 2012  
Amazing how a blindfold totally changes the atmosphere of a shot.
July 30th, 2012  
gr8 sp abhijit. reminds me of blade runner for some reason. flare works too. :)
July 30th, 2012  
Great selfie!
July 30th, 2012  
Interesting selfie!
July 30th, 2012  
Cool and interesting selfie!
July 30th, 2012  
Superior :-)
July 30th, 2012  
Fantastic shot. Very creative.
July 31st, 2012  
Great shot. Kind of creepy/torture like and futuristic at the same time. How did you manage this with focusing composition etc, all with your eyes covered?
July 31st, 2012  
@louiesphotos @pizzaboy @humphreyhippo @brin @simon0128 @ghana1994 @myautofocuslife @automaticslim @wordpixman @stuckinoz Thanks for your comments. I had imagined this shot with all black attire but couldn't find my black beanie and black belt.
@stuckinoz I must have taken about 50 shots after focussing at an approximate distance and then clicked away with a trigger slowly changing my position
July 31st, 2012  
Terrific selfie
August 1st, 2012  
Love the creative process.
August 5th, 2012  
Oh mine is similar to this, you're right. I think I like yours more.
September 10th, 2012  
oh wow very cool!! i love your focus and the colors, great composition overall!
November 30th, 2012  
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