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Little did I know when I started this project it would become an integral part of my life. Part journal, part creative outlet, part communication, part documentation, even part exploration, this project has taken me places and pushed me to look at the world around me with fresh eyes. Now in year 9 I still look forward to finding that memorable moment in each day.

Year #1 is now a memory. What a wonderful experience! Yet, I feel I have just begun. Eldest and youngest are still far from home, and 365 has become part of their daily routine. Mine too, and so, on to Year #2.

Transition best describes the next 365 days. My youngest left for college, my oldest finished law school and moved across the continent, and their brother is a new father. To share a bit of home with those who are absent I started this project. Along the way I hope to see my skills with photography improve, and look forward to finding a memorable moment in each day.