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July 2020: A one-time hard-core 365-er, posting every day and only those I shot that same day, I've relaxed a bit after being there doing that. Now, 10 years later after only sporadic posting, I'm gonna give it another solid go! I love photography, graphic design, fine art and everything in-between. I enjoy digital manipulation and as such not all my images are necessarily photorealistic. However, I learn something about art and photography and visual representation with every attempt, successful or not! My new goal is to again post every day, whether they be new images or newly processed older ones. Here we go! ...

I so enjoyed my first year here, joining a wonderfully supportive community and meeting so many amazing people and I hope to continue doing so. I'll confess to not always being very good about commenting on each of your fabulous images (there are just too darn many, how does one have the time?!), but rest assured I am always lurking about viewing and loving every one.

Peace y'all and stay safe!