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I am not new to the 365 Project and once actually completed one. This is me starting anew.

When life comes at us fast, we can get lost in the moments of all the rush of it and end up feeling a bit lost. For me, I tend to focus on a more negative way when that happens. My goal, this time, is to turn that around. Bringing gratitude into focus and doing my best work, along with a bit of journaling, has worked in the past, and I'm confident it will again.

I enjoy the post-processing art of photography and am not a purist. Experimenting with overlay textures, filters, and brush effects to create unique images is, for me, a considerable part of the creative process. My goals presently are to create images that are surreal, ethereal, fantasy, abstract, and those having a more vintage look. Perhaps this will spur me on to also get back to making photostories with my images.

Also, this time, I'm bringing my daughter along into the 365 Project. Living thousands of miles away, this is a way to connect on a more creative level, though we do have a good time with our daily snapchats.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."
~Ansel Adams, photographer and environmentalist~