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Born 1946. Benedictine Oblate.

I do not post much on social media, mainly because in my photography I do not need other people's approval to justify to myself what I’m doing. It feels great to be recognised by other photographers, but I don't want that as the sole reason for expressing myself. It should be an exploration into who I am. I feel that our creativity should not be a popularity contest. So you won't find much of my work on social media, in fact this is about the only site I contribute to! Having said that I do appreciate comments and I thank all who take the time to say something about my images.

My interests are theology, reading, the natural world and, of course, photography! I live in a small hamlet called Pleasley Vale which straddles the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in an old Post Office. I am contemplative by nature and try to see the spiritual in the world around us. I am a Christian but am interested in all religions as I think they all have something to contribute to my own spirituality.