Blue Arches by andycoleborn

Blue Arches

Had the day off so after a lazy morning, I drove up to Spitalfields for an afternoon of pottering about, taking a few shots, drinking coffee, watching a film crew hang about (looked like a period drama was being filmed but nothing was happening whilst I was there) and generally being out and about enjoyng the sun....

Bloody annoyng street sign here...!

Home via Tesco's for an evening on the sofa - Back to work tomorrow... but it's only 3 days til the weekend :-)
beautiful blue....
May 7th, 2014  
Great shot love those arches
May 7th, 2014  
Classic composition with the young guy in frame... there's a fortune for someone who creates an app that hides road signs!
May 7th, 2014  
Hi Andy....saw an article on the BBC news webpage and thought of you! In the In Pictures section theres an article about a project to photograph every London Street in the next 6 months.....and then a link to a website called Bleeding London. Thought this might appeal to you and a few others! Hope all is well with you. Cx
May 7th, 2014  
Great composition. Love the yellow pants against the blue doors.
May 7th, 2014  
There is so much to see in this picture! The arches, the blocks above the arches, the colors, the columns, the person walking, and even the sign! This is amazing!
May 7th, 2014  
Yes, sign pollution is a big problem in the UK - drives me crazy. Nice shot otherwise, though
May 7th, 2014  
Nice shot.
Sounds like a great day off too :)
June 3rd, 2014  
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