Duolingo 300 day streak by andyharrisonphotos

Duolingo 300 day streak

I'm learning Spanish with Duolingo and today is 300 days!

As with such things, I've learnt a lot of Spanish but the more I learn, the more I appreciate how much more work there is to do.

Or should I say, estudio español con Duolingo y hoy es trescientos días! ...
Felicidades! Not sure if that's right, just got it off Google Translate 🤣 I think Duolingo is great for getting a good smattering of a language - a while back I decided that if I ever planned holidays in a particular country I'd spend time on Duolingo getting a few basics down. After doing the German for 3 months, I was so proud to have a basic conversation at the gluwein stall at a market in Berlin along the lines of 'do you want rum in that?' 'yes please'...
March 24th, 2023  
@boxplayer what I find in Germany is that my school boy German is so good that they always reply in perfect English 🤣
March 24th, 2023  
March 24th, 2023  
nice. well done and great photo reminder of your accomplishments
March 24th, 2023  
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