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I started this project in March 2019, first I have seen it, as “my” project.
Already after the first two weeks I have learned, it is much more then just “my” project. I had the opportunity to meet up with Junko in Rome, we had a wonderful day taking pictures, eating pasta and talking about photography and 365. She introduced me to most of you, it gave me great start within the group. It is very inspiring, to see all the great photos of everyone. Most of you are a few years here and there is a lot to learn from you all.
Thank you all for the amazing welcome to 365.
I have done a basic course of photography years ago, a year or two before the first digital cameras come out. It was difficult then, how many rolls of slide I have picked up and was totally disappointed. I didn’t give up but was very happy, when I got my first digital camera.
Over the years, I got involved in other art projects. I did a secondary education in art, I learned to draw, paint, sculpture and worked in ceramics. I enjoy being creative in any form and material, this is what I love most.
Last year I bought my self a new camera and two second hand quality lenses and took up photography again. I always enjoyed it but somehow got lost with to many other projects.
That’s why I started up with 365, it’s a commitment to my self.