365-Irina & Happoradio IMG_9838 by annelis

365-Irina & Happoradio IMG_9838

While Tiina was at the PostCrossing meet-up I went to the Narinkkatori Square and listened to Irina and Happoradio. A kiosk and bookstore chain was celebrating its 100 years and offered many kind of free entertainment on Narinkkatori yesterday and today.
A lot of technology is needed when a music band performs including lights and smoke machinery.
great shot looks fun
September 9th, 2010  
Good morning, Anneli!
And thank you for taking me on your following list :)
My morning view is probably totally different compared with yours today, if you have been walking in street of Helsinki - I am sitting on the veranda near the serene lake in the middle of the coniferous forests ( and bears, who can not find food enough because of lack of berries )
Ja täytyy pyytää anteeksi englantiani, luin aikoinani lyhyen englannin, tenttikirjoja omalta alaltani olen lukenut, mutta englannin kirjoittaminen onkin sitten miten sattuu! Omat lapset ja nykyään jo lapsenlapsetkin vähän aina sievästi yrittävät sanoa, että,mummi,oikeastaan se pitäisi sanoa niin :)
Hyvää päivän jatkoa sinulle!
Ohoh, kaksi joutsenta ui vastarannalla, nyt tuli kiire!
September 10th, 2010  
Nice! I like Irina a lot, she is such a energic singer!
September 10th, 2010  
It looks as though you couldn't have had a better place to stand for this photo today! Looks like it was a fun afternoon with some energetic music! I'm delighted you were along for my visit to Lunenburg this summer; it's certainly been fun to share it with this community I enjoy so much!
September 11th, 2010  
Lol, after the PC meeting I went to Narinkkatori to see Irina but I left before Happoradio:) Did you get a copy of the 100 years old Hesari? Very interesting to read old advertisements.
September 12th, 2010  
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