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Joined Project 365 27 January 2016. (note to self: this is how to get back to the start of an album: https://365project.org/anniesue/365/2016-01-27 etc)
From Cumbria, UK - the English Lake District - UNESCO World Heritage Site. Previously from Staffordshire.
Following ex-ShutterCal-ers to start off with - hope to branch out! (Probably joined ShutterCal mid-September 2011.)
I'd like to follow some people using the same camera/s that I do: Sony HX10 (lost this 30th June '16) and Nikon L120 [replaced late Feb '16 by an L840] - and Canon SX170 [dropped and irreparable Mar '18]. Actually - I've now got a Panasonic TZ80! (2017??) Gosh, aren't I fickle? I've got (Feb '18?) a Sony WX350. [03/01/2020: I've now dropped both these two cameras multiple times. The Sony tolerated it for quite a while until it stopped holding focus at the far end. The Pana's lens cover now won't fully draw back. Am going to look for a shock-proof camera!!!] Got a shock-proof camera - hated its only 4x zoom - sent it back and have now (Feb 2020) got a Canon SX620, which I'm just about to bring into use.

I barely use Flickr now.


And now it's 2018 - and I've just posted a screen shot of my reliability - and it's diabolical!

And now it's 2019 ...

And now it's 2020! All I want to add is that I don't follow people forever.


... 2022 [noted 3 july]

Happy New 2024!