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September 4, 2018 update: It turns out that I did take some pictures over the last year that I forgot about after I mislaid the box with my camera chips. I found them again, so I will be uploading some of those photos from time to time to fill up the dates that I can, but I will do my best to upload them in small batches.

September 2, 2018 update: I didn't do much over the last year. In late June 2017, I found out that my Dad had terminal colon cancer, that he'd hidden from us for 2 years. We lost him after 2 weeks in hospice on July 12th. Since then my life has been filled with mourning, too much travel to deal with his estate matters, and coming to terms with being orphaned in my mid-50s. Add working full time and trying to take care of my own family to the mix, taking a picture a day fell by wayside. But I'm feeling ready to try again. I won't necessarily post on the same day as I take the photographs this year, but I will try to get a shot of something taken each day, even if it comes from my cellphone instead of my favorite DSLR. And in the meantime, I'll go back into my photo files and try to fill in the days I can of my 365 album with the pictures that I did manage to take over the last year.

I want to express my appreciation to the folks whom I follow for their photographs, which, even though I couldn't bring myself to comment on them when they were initially posted, made me smile on days when I felt like the world was ending. You, all unknowing, helped me a lot. Thank you!

I'm a wife (happily married 30 years and counting) and mother of five kids, former executive secretary, retired Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy Reserve, who loves taking pictures (even when they don't turn out well), knitting, reading, writing and baking. I also do WW2 re-enacting/living history, specializing in the American Red Cross Military Welfare Service and Clubmobile Service. I live in the Midwest, far away from any significant bodies of water, which makes doing nautical or beach themed pictures a real challenge!

I really appreciate the folks here at 365 who have given me such nice comments on my pictures, and who have been so kind as to offer me advice when I have a picture go wrong. Your help is most sincerely appreciated!