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1) Budgewoi Bridge by Kirsty .P 2) DISQUALIFIED, Copyright theft is illegal! Stop it. 3) Glasswing butterflies by Eleanor Muller 4) Nature's Variation by Lauren Dahlhauser 5) 07.27.10 by froi rivera 6) cute lil tree frog :) by Lauren Dahlhauser 7) Colorado Calm by Megs 8) The Recreation Of Man by Arnel D Cupon Jr 9) Day 158: Even if you're on the right track... by Rainee 10) Fruit... Read more
1) Glasswing butterflies by Eleanor Muller 2) Holy Cow! by Kirsty .P 3) It's coming! by Slava 4) A Boy and His Dog (Slideshow) by Matt Murata 5) New job perks... by Delia 6) #50 Central Switzerland by Ingo Meckmann 7) Enchanted Forest by Lauren Dahlhauser 8) #47 Behind the Trees by Ingo Meckmann 9) Birthday Frog by FaerieMoon 10) Untitled by Katie Rose Allan ... Read more
This weeks chart features some amazing photos. Well done everybody. 1) Summer Evening by Lauren Dahlhauser 2) Dream by Lauren Dahlhauser 3) Untitled by Kelly Webster 4) green chairs, green pears by Amanda Miller 5) Untitled by Ira 6) makes great tulips! by Peter Van Allen 7) up by Teresa (pocketmouse) 8) Late by Megs 9) July 14 by Cindy List 10) A Message From Dad by Barb Kilburn ... Read more
I know you've all been waiting at your computer screens with great excitement, wanting me to post this weeks chart, so it's your lucky day, here they are. Well done everybody, excellent as usual! 1) Lightness of Being by FaerieMoon 2) Water Fireworks! by Travis Lyman 3) Waterfall of Light by Lauren Dahlhauser 4) orange and green by Peter Van Allen 5) It's so hot...... Read more
A few weeks back I did a post on the Top 10 DSLR Cameras used on 365 Project, todays post was intended to be a top 10 list of the point and shoot cameras used, after looking at the raw data and being extremely confused by the 10 million different camera models, I decided to take a more generic look... Read more
Some excellent photos on the site this week, well done everybody! Let me know your thoughts and share your favorite photos in the comments below! 1) Day 131: Bicycle by Rainee 2) Music: My Drug. by Malena 3) up by Juliana Soares 4) Sunlight on a Dragonfly by Bill Dodsworth 5) Good Morning by Megs 6) Nature's Phenomenon - World Heritage Listed Haven by Sarah... Read more
Nature is an amazing thing and with summer well and truly here (in England at least) I've been overwhelmed with the fantastic nature shots that have been coming in to 365 Project on a daily basis. In fact I've been so impressed that I went out and purchased an extension tube and have been attempting to take some Macro nature... Read more
Congratulations Heather, you have this weeks top photo in our chart! A bit of a shocker to be honest, I've not been around much this week so discovering the top 20 was a real treat for me. Well done to everybody who has been featured here. If you missed last weeks chart, check it out - Top 20 Chart Week 4 This... Read more
Our 4th entry in our 365ers series comes from Froi Rivera, a photographer I have personally been following since he started, his work is truly amazing. I hope you enjoy this interview. The Interview Tell us a little bit about yourself I am from the Manila, Philippines, a country most known for the boxing champ Manny ''Pacman'' Paquiao. Living in a... Read more
Just recently I've been looking at the ever increasing number of interesting statistics coming out of 365 Project. Now it has grown greater than just myself, we have thousands of uploads every day and the information coming out is just incredible to look at. In this post I have collected some basic usage data of the different cameras people are using... Read more
Well done Peter for placing 1st in this weeks top 20 chart. Peter has been in focus this week as we featured him in an interview, he also won last weeks theme of Faces, what a hero! I'm starting to think I should be charging him for all this publicity! :-p A huge congratulations to everybody featured in our top 20... Read more
We've made it to the 3rd entry in our 365ers series, a collection of interviews from some of the great photographers at 365 Project. This week we have the amazing Peter Van Allen, every day his work blows my mind, a constant stream of stunning and creative images. Something we can all aspire to. The Interview Hi Peter, could you tell us... Read more