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2017 - Hi. Looking forward to successfully completing 365 photos this year! Only have my camera on my phone but will see how I go. All the best to everyone!

Year 2 - Hi. Last year I met some lovely new friends (both real and online) through 365project, photographed a light painting and became more appreciative of the world around me because of looking for loveliness to capture with my camera. This year I hope to continue to meet new people, post 365 times, take some lessons so I can use manual and to definitely get my camera serviced. Thank you to everyone who undertakes this project for the beauty, joy, talents and knowledge you share so generously.

Year 1 - Hi. I've wanted to do this project for a few years and finally I'm here! I have loved taking photos ever since I was given a Kodak camera for Christmas when I was seven. I'm hoping this project will help me connect further with some old school friends, become more disciplined, make my world bigger and be a great way to meet new friends. Australia is my country, Queensland is my state, London is my city and Brisbane is my home! Yes, I love London and pretty much everything English but I'm also a true Queenslander! I also love to read and laugh with family and friends. This project should be great! All the best! XX