Decoration 6 by bruni

Decoration 6

I promised to take a photo of the decoration hanging between our sliding doors and the first window on our deck. In the shadow stands another decoration, it's just waiting to be properly placed somewhere.

Grace's Christmas display is finished too and I'll take it to her this afternoon.

In the afternoon Hans and I made some sugar cookies. He looked after the dough and the baking and I filled them with apricot jam and turned them over on both sides on a plate with vanilla sugar. it has to be done while the cookies are coming out of the oven, before they cool off too much.

Sorry for not getting to your pictures at the moment. time is so short and we started late on account of me being away for the two weeks on vacation and I find when one gets older, everything takes three and more times as long to before.
Pretty and festive looking.
December 15th, 2019  
Very festive
December 15th, 2019  
Looks very warming and festive
December 16th, 2019  
Beautiful lighted decorations
December 17th, 2019  
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