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My interest in photography began when I purchased my first camera (Minolta SRT) in high school as a member of the annual staff. Before the days of digital, I had the opportunity to work for a photographer for about a year doing 'story-boarding' and brochure layouts on commercial projects. Purchased a Canon EOS Rebel G after the birth of our son, and had great fun photographing him throughout his childhood. About 18 months ago I took a photography class called 'The Art of Seeing' and I purchased my first digital camera, a compact DMC-ZR3, after our son went to college. I have a renewed interest in photography as a hobby. I am most definitely an amateur! But I love seeing all the wonderful photos from all over the world on the 365 Project, and learn a great deal studying others' work.

Added a Canon EOS 60D during my second year.

I live in a rural mountain area of Southwest Virginia in the US.

Special thanks to Alexis Birkill for a link to my photos that made it to the Popular Page since April 2013!