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So, onto year two ......

Recently realised that I still hadn't written anything about myself, so thought I ought to correct that:
I have taken photographs since receiving a camera as a child, a kodak instamatic if my memory serves me correctly, & over the years my interest has continued!
I am now in my mid fifties ( don't quite know how that happened!),I live in Lincolnshire & due to my husbands army career have also lived in Cyprus twice & Berlin - all adding to lifes rich experiences! I am a registered nurse & have seen many changes in the profession - not all for the good! I have one daughter & three Grandchildren.
Both my husband & myself were introduced to this project by my sister in law. I find that I am seeing photo opportunities more readily & improving all the time. The site & the people that I have "met" are friendly and encouraging & I always look forward to what people are uploading, drawing inspiration all the time.

Some of my photographs have made the popular page thanks to your views, comments and favs and for that I thank you all