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My Dad is a fabulous photographer and I have loved his pictures all my life. I grew up with the smell of chemicals, the hush of the darkroom and the thrill of seeing the picture emerge as he washed his photographs.

I really enjoy the creativity of playing with a camera, but I find modern digital cameras challenging and confusing with the extensive menus and array of buttons. I have taken up this daily photograph challenge this year to try to get to know my camera better and to improve my photography. I hope you will enjoy my pictures.

The Alexis Burkill Popular Page list just for fun is here:

Well, year 3 has begun! I look forward to sharing the journey with you. It has been really useful at times to lose the pressure to post daily over the last year. Life happens and there are times when that takes all your time and energies and photography has to take a brief back seat. So I shall continue to post as often as I can, but not worry about any gaps. Feel free to do the same!

Constructive comments on how to improve my photography in both the taking of the picture and processing, which I am brand new to, always appreciated. Many thanks for your online company and interest.

Photos that made the Top Twenty list:

The Way Through the Woods: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2017-10-15
Stag: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-04-03
Coming in to Land: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-06-07
Bee on Sea Holly: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-07-02
Waiting: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-09-22
Avocet: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-10-21
Robin of Arne: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-10-26
A Little Night Music: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-11-06
Tower of London Torches: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-11-09
Sunrise: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-12-11
Morning Dew: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2019-01-28
Lily: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2019-03-02

Weekly Theme Winner:
City Lunchtime for theme "Living": https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-11-23